Ardour Tune

A little ditty from about 2004, by MOSS (Multitude Of Strange Sounds)

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Screen Capture in Linux Mint: A Free Tool

One of the things I’ve struggled with is an app for doing a screen capture in Linux Mint. I finally figured it out, I think.

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Markdown to PDF: Making It a Painless Process

Markdown is so easy to write, and PDFs are so easy to pass around. So going from Markdown to PDF should be easy, right? Well, it took some doing, but here’s something that should help folks out with the process.

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Open Source Chat Server: A Slack Alternative

It’s been around for a while now, but I only recently discovered an open source chat program called Mattermost. I just got it up and running on a test server, and thought I’d share anything I learned in the process.

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Open Source Messaging App: What’s Available?

Open Source Messaging App

With Hangouts due to be EOL soon, I started looking for an alternative open source messaging app my family could use.

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WordPress Church Website: Things to Think About

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

I built a new Wordpress church website lately, for the church I attend. Here are some things I ran across in the process.

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IRC Password: Resetting One and Recovering a Lost Nick

Some of the IRC networks, like freenode, are trying to keep spammers out by requiring nickname registration. What if you forget it? Here’s how to reset one you’ve forgotten, and how to snag one that someone’s been camping on.

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Mount Google Drive for Remote Image Storage

Build your own Jazz bass kit

I’m running out of space on my really cheap web hosting provider. So I’m moving all of my images to Google Drive. Here’s how to mount Google Drive, and be able to share those images out on a website.

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Left-Handed Ergonomic Mouse Modifications

left-handed ergonomic mouse

I’m left-handed, and I grabbed a “vertical” ergonomic mouse on Amazon, almost two months ago now. I couldn’t use it initially, but now I’m loving it. Here’s what I didn’t like, and how I fixed it.

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Better Markdown Previews With Atom

For a daily markdown user, it’s essential to have something reliable and “tweakable.” Atom delivers, giving users both a rock solid markdown editor, and offering some customizations that will make getting work done much easier.

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