Small business owners don't have time to wade through tons of sketchy documentation that often comes with open source software.  What if there was a place online where they could get some information in a hurry that helped walk them through using an open source application? 

Or, what if they didn't even know there was such a thing as open source to begin with, and that there were probably open source alternatives to what they were currently using?

Welcome to, where I set out to solve these problems.


My Story…

I'd had it with my Office '97.  To update it, I was going to be shelling out way more cash than I thought was necessary, so I started looking for something else.  I found an early version of Open Office, and I've been hooked on open source software ever since.

What started as a search for cheaper office software turned into some intense crash course classes in Solaris (just barely open sourced at the time I think) and Linux (when Fedora was brand spanking new).

This then turned into a business.  While I spent time fixing broken Windows boxes, my focus was on trying to free people and businesses from the yoke of proprietary software.  I wasn't fast enough.  My second young 'un was born, and I had to "get a REAL job," but I've always looked back with longing, and anguish sometimes, at how close I was with getting some folks up and running.

If I want to be a father, then there's no time now for me to build a customer base, and I couldn't really support them well initially if I did.  I will add that a lot of proprietary software packages have that kind of support…


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