Free Invoicing Software For Small Business

There's no need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for an invoicing application. If you have a small business, LibreOffice is a fine example of free invoicing software available for you.

February 16, 2012

Someone asked me the other day about creating invoices on the cheap.  While there were half a dozen apps I could think of off the top of my head, the ones I would be more likely to recommend run on a web server.  Most of the folks coming to this site are Windows users, and are not going to be setting up a LAMP box any time soon.  So, the best option is some sort of stand alone application, and probably the most versatile one I can think of is LibreOffice.

There are a couple of ways to attack this task.  One I found already explained is a tutorial for creating an invoice from scratch in LibreOffice Calc.  Using this method, you might be able to imitate your current invoices and avoid any kind of shock your customers might have if they were to see radically different looking invoices from you.

If you don't want to create one from scratch, head over to and see what's available.  There were two or three templates last time I looked.

In addition, I've personally created an invoice for anyone who wants it.  You can visit my Small Business Invoice Spreadsheet post and grab the template I made there.

Just remember to keep your original blank invoice and save it out as a new file whenever you are making a new invoice.  Better yet, you may want to make the blank invoice Read-Only, so that you'll be FORCED to save it out as something new.

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