Getting From Web Page to Print in Firefox

Getting a web page to print should be as simple as selecting Print from a menu, but in Firefox that just isn't so. Yes, you will get the web page to print, but it will come with all sorts of stuff in the header and footer that you might not want there. Here's how to get rid of them.

November 7, 2012

  1. Fire up a new Window or Tab





  2. Type about:config into the address bar.  Go ahead and promise to be careful when you're prompted.  I also leave the "Show this warning next time" box checked to remind me that dorking around with this config page can seriously discombobulate my browser.





  3. In the search box you see (probably below the address bar — mine is below that and the bookmarks toolbar) you need to search for a couple of things




    Search for header and footer here to shut them off when getting your web page to print

    The first is header.  Just type in print*header (to show anything with print and header in it) and look for anything print related. You'll see one for each printer you have installed (both physical printers, and pdf type printers) and can play with all of them.


  4. Edit that status.  I just delete whatever is there, because I don't personally want anything in the header or footer.  Generally, there is enough content on the website itself that I know what I'm looking at.  Often times, if the website was designed well, there are page breaks and page numbers coded right into the html itself.  If you don't want it just empty though, here are the different things you can have in the header or footer(and what code will make them appear) when getting your web page to print. 
                     &T: Title of the document
                     &U: URL
                     &D: Date/time
                     &P: Page number
                     &PT: Page number "of" total pages





  5. Go back to step 3 and type footer instead of header to change those values if you need to.


While it may be easier again in the future to edit these values (like in a GUI), for now you've got to monkey with them like this if you want to change the look of things when getting a web page to print in Firefox.  Good luck.

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