Apache OFBiz For Small Business

For those of you out there looking to replace your current ERP with something open source, I think this is your answer.

October 25, 2017

Over at OpenBravo at Work and ERP Software For Small Business, I talked about maybe migrating from our proprietary ERP to something open source. OpenBravo and OpenERP were the two ERPs I was looking at. Well, Bub, a lot’s changed since then. That was back around 2012, and it’s now late 2017…

That proprietary ERP company hired me out of the lumber yard, and I spent the next year or so migrating customers onto their product. They bought another ERP provider, and made that company’s offering their new “moving forward” product. Nearly all the developers and support staff, myself included, were laid off. I was hired a month later in the support department and was there until late August of this year.

In addition to getting a firmer grip on what goes on behind the scenes in an ERP (for better or worse — I’m not sure our product was all that well thought out sometimes in the design stage) I ran across Apache OFBiz in the latter year or so of my stay at that company. I must say, I’m impressed.

It’s got a web store, all the bookkeeping backend you could ask for, a manufacturing component, and while Point of Sale was stuck in “the trunk” a couple years ago, there’s a working rewrite I’ve heard about that is hopefully hitting the development tree in December.

So while I haven’t got a lot in the way of walkthroughs or tutorials at the moment, I’m getting there. Some of my problem is that I’m trying to learn it from the ground up, and helping document on the way. More of my problem is the year long “no-compete” that I signed when that software company hired me. I’m free and clear next September, but until then I need to keep my head down.

But if anyone out there is looking for a solid open source ERP, I think this one will do ya. So far, it looks good, and the community is nice and welcoming.

I’m keeping notes, for what they’re worth, on migrating someone to OFBiz over at my OFBz Progress section. I’ve just discovered that my latest notes (spring 2017) aren’t working with the newest version, but these changes will get posted to the official OFBiz notes. My own site is more of a “This is how things sit in Craig’s world at the moment” take on things.

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