Find The Best Small Business Web Hosting Package

I'll cut right to the chase…  If you want cheap hosting, have half a clue when it comes to administering a site via CPanel, and can do your own backups, then NoSupportLinuxHosting is the way to go.   I'm hosting this site myself, but only until I think no downtime is important enough to move it.  When I do, I'm heading to them for hosting.  It costs a buck a month.  Yes, I said a buck.  One.  Dollar.

As the name implies though, there's no support.  Well, almost none; they ignore what they think are questions you can answer on your own.  I mentioned backups because I didn't realize NoSupportLinuxHosting doesn't back up websites; I found out the hard way (though in their defense it WAS on their website and I just never saw it) last October and lost, and I used Gooogle's cache of the site to get it up and running again.

NoSupportLinuxHosting is cheap, but only pretty good (because of the support) and doesn't run at light speed.

Something a smidgen better might cost anywhere from five to fifty or sixty bucks a month.  Such a hosting package will have more support, include services (probably one click installs for things like WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce, SugarCRM)

Some of the must haves you'd want in any small business web hosting  package (even if you don't know it yet) are fairly recent versions of PHP and MySQL.  Having these available to you will allow you to install most ecommerce, blog, or content management systems (some of which I mentioned in the last paragraph) without a hitch, even if you don't think you want any of those right now.  You'll also want IMAP email, which I swear by now that I"ve used it for a few years.  I can't say how important it is to be able to see what I've mailed TO people from whatever computer I happen to be on.  Can't do that with POP3, and some hosts only offer POP3 mail servers.

At the other end of the spectrum is something called dedicated hosting.  This is a whole computer you get all to yourself, but any hardware trouble is taken care of by whoever it is you're paying.  Monthly fees for something like this is over a hundred bucks a month, and they come with a variety of support scenarios.  You don't need a setup like this unless you've outgrown one of the cheaper options and getting booted for too much bandwidth or disk usage.  Dedicated hosting is an example of good and fast, but not necessarily cheap.

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