How To Download LibreOffice When The Normal Method is Slow


I've seen for myself, and read elsewhere on message boards, that sometimes LibreOffice downloads are very slow.  I've got no idea what's going on, but I was able to eventually find a way to get it quicker.

July 29, 2013

Recetly at work there was a hard drive crash.  The Windows XP box that we use for desiging kitchens, for quoting vinyl windows, and for quoting Thermatru doors (yes, there have been many a statement made by me on the subject of cross platform apps in all three arenas) and it lived out back where nobody could run into it.  We just used VNC.  Well, an 80 gig Maxtor finally bit the big one and I had to start over.

One of the things I'd forgotten to put o for a few days was an office app.  Prior to the crash, I'd been using OpenOffice.  But on the Linux boxes at work, we'd been using LibreOffice, so I figured I'd stay consistent.

I tried downloading right off LibreOffice's download page, but it was going to take eight or nine hours, according to Firefox's download manager.  I couldn't deal with this.  I grabbed a torrent and got it fairly quickly.  The download was corrupt though, and still wouldn't install. 

Then I finally found the link to all of the LibreOffice download mirrors.  It's where I've got a red arrow pointing in this picture —

and it points to

Try a couple of those and see if they don't download any faster.

UPDATE — 07-31-2013 —

Someone tried grabbing the regular msi file from the link I provided, and that didn't work so well either.  I forgot to mention that a couple of the msi files turded out on me; I ended up using the torrent.  I've got the file here:


and will try to update it as new ones come out.  In case I forget though, you should be able to go here:

and find the lastest stable version somewhere.

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