Blocking Cookies With Firefox

With an Add On, selectively blocking cookies is easy again in Firefox. YAY!

February 5, 2012

I've been running Ubuntu for a while (since Dapper) and have been mostly sticking with the LTS releases.  This means things are pretty stable, but it also means I've been usually stuck with old stuff.  While using Lucid, I decided to switch browsers and moved to Chromium.  With Google's new "probably evil" privacy policy, I'm going back to Firefox.  And since I'm running Fedora 16 on my laptop right now, firefox looks a bit different.  It should; it seems they went from version 4 to 10 in about a year.

In older versions, it was easier to selectively keep sites from setting cookies.  There was some sort of "Ask me every time someone tries to set a cookie" button, and a window popped up whenever a site tried setting a cookie.  With a fresh Firefox install, it was VERY annoying, but only for a couple weeks while I visited all of my usual haunts.  After that, I'd only get warnings when I visited a site I'd never been to.

But I see no such button in Firefox 10's settings.  I looked around the forums and asked in IRC, and it looks like it's not possible.  Then I went hunting for plugins…

What I found was Cookie White List With Buttons that's designed to do pretty much what I was doing before.  But now instead of getting a popup window asking about the cookie, I get nothing.  The site I'm visiting is NOT on my White List, so it's not allowed to set cookies.  Period.  But, all I have to do to allow cookies is to hit a little + button up near my search box, and I'm golden.

It's a little confusing initially.  I thought my site was broken until I realized that wasn't on my White List; I couldn't log in to write this morning…

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