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After leaving my blog out in the cold for a REALLY long time, I'm warming it back up again.

September 30, 2017

I've been slacking.  I took a job back in May of 2014, and haven't been paying much attention to fossfolks since. I even got laid off for a month after about a year.

I'm noticing a pattern… Write a bit, slack off, come back months later, install a new theme, write a bit, slack off… Well, I just got done the newest facelift, so let's see how the writing part goes. I skipped that last time around.

I've made the offer before — if you've got anything you need a hand with (open source software related anyway — I don't do much in the way of marriage counseling) let me know. I'd love to help, especially if I can make an article out of it.

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