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I started the ball rolling today and spoke with an OpenBravo partner.

September 27, 2011

I talked with an OpenBravo partner today about switching ERPs.  My primary concerns at this point are the initial costs, and monthly service fees.  I’ve got a quote coming.  My primary concerns are the initial cost of switching, monthly fees (support and licensing — we may not need licensing if we can get away with the community edition) and whether or not it will do everything we need to do at the lumber yard.  I suspect it will.

I’ll also have to learn PostgreSQL if we switch, as right now I’m hitting our current ERP’s MySQL database from the website so that contractors can get in and see invoices, do quotes, etc.  I’ve never hit a PostgreSQL database with PHP, and I hope it’s a pretty similar process.  The queries, I realize, will be a bit different language wise; no wait, they’ll be totally different because it will be a whole different table scheme.



UPDATE: I just got a quote.  Higher than I’d hoped.  I’d also hoped that the community edition might work for us.  But somehow the ability to use modules has been disabled?  Seems odd, but maybe it’s true.

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