Openbravo Is NOT Happening For a Client

For the moment, OpenBravo isn't happening for a customer of mine.

January 4, 2012

I spent a good portion of today at a very small food distributor's head quarters.  I've been working on an invoicing system for them for quite a while.  But the more I've been working on it, the more I realize that I'll never be done.  I told the owner today what I thought, and was going to set up Openbravo.  I'd had my hopes up, but then saw the system specs.  The server she's got "ain't gonna cut it."

On the other hand, I've got Openbravo and Openbravopos installed on a box at work.  If we can replace our current proprietary app (that seems to be getting slower and buggier) then I'll probably bring it up after extensive trial runs.  I think our current vendor is skipping the testing phase for new versions, so it will be nice to have an app that's tested pretty extensively on several platforms before new versions are released.  I also think even the most expensive licensing scenario with Openbravo will be cheaper than what we're running now, to the tune of a couple or three thousand a year I think.  That's a lot for small business.

What if I can get by with just the community edition?  I wonder what's shaking over at OpenERP and Tryton (a fork)…

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2 responses to “Openbravo Is NOT Happening For a Client”

  1. Charan says:

    Open Bravo is getting expensive day by day…….for a small business It is not a viable solution……….

    • Craig says:

      I would have to agree. When I seriously looked at implementing it, the whole thing might have ended up to costing us more than the proprietary Java app we ended up getting. A lot of it (that I hadn’t figured in when I wrote the initial blog post) was going to be customized modules, and I wasn’t confident that the module written for us would have worked properly; the development process seemed kind of closed if you ask me… and like you said, expensive.

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