Wake Up on an Acer Aspire 7750 Works Again After Kernel Upgrade In Fedora

When I first threw Fedora 18 on this rig, I had trouble right away with the brightness.  Using the keyboard method (Fn and left arrow) to dim the screen shows a dimmer meter, but the screen doesn't get any dimmer.  To work around this, I run a command as root that dims it to what I'm used to.  I ended up creating a one liner script in /root called dimmer that I run when first booting the laptop:

echo "100" > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness

Most of the time, the laptop is just sleeping; upon waking, is as dim as I left it.  This is more laborious than I'd like, but I just haven't sat down long enough to figure out how to make the keyboard work yet.

I was on the 3.7.9-201 kernel for a while, and operating like this.  Then I upgraded to the 3.8.1-201 kernel, and found that upon waking my laptop's backlight wouldn't come back on.  I'd have to Ctrl + Alt + F2 to get to a terminal (still blind — it wasn't just GNOME that was dark) log in as root, and run ./dimmer.  I ended up leaving that terminal open, so that when I woke the laptop up I could just get into it and run ./dimmer real quick.  But that's not real secure…  I ended up booting back to the 3.7 kernel all the time.

This past weekend though, I got  NEW KERNEL!  3.8.2-206 came along, and the laptop is no longer in the drunken stupor when it wakes up.




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