Operating Systems:

What Is The Best Linux For Everyday Use?

I'm asked this at least every couple of weeks, and the answer depends on what you need Linux to do.  For almost anyone I run into, some Ubuntu variant is the easiest to learn; I can walk in to their house and have them up and running in a couple of hours.  Here's the skinny…

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Three Benefits of Linux

Three benefits of Linux

I see so many benefits of Linux that it's hard for me to create a small list. I'm giving it a whirl though in hopes that someone breezing through here might read it real quick and give my favorite operating system a whirl. Then they too can enjoy the benefits of Linux.

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Switching Small Business Computers Over To Linux

One by one, as each Windows install begins to croak, I've been switching small business computers I encounter to Linux.

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Coming Back, Switching From Ubuntu to Fedora

I left the world of Fedora after FC4, for Ubuntu Dapper, but decided after a few years to go back. I'm just a day or so into it, and it's quite a change

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Three Benefits to Using Linux in Business

I can think of three good reasons why Linux in business is a good idea.

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