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Different open source applications I’ve found to be helpful

Screen Capture in Linux Mint: A Free Tool

One of the things I’ve struggled with is an app for doing a screen capture in Linux Mint. I finally figured it out, I think.

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Open Source Messaging App: What’s Available?

Open Source Messaging App

With Hangouts due to be EOL soon, I started looking for an alternative open source messaging app my family could use.

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Better Markdown Previews With Atom

For a daily markdown user, it’s essential to have something reliable and “tweakable.” Atom delivers, giving users both a rock solid markdown editor, and offering some customizations that will make getting work done much easier.

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Open Source Small Business Software

The proprietary software industry is pretty entrenched, at least here in the U.S. In spite of this, there are folks who have utilized open source small business software anyway.

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Thunderbird Mail Backup

One of the things that initially drew me away from Outlook Express was how easy backing up Thunderbird is. Everything is in ONE PLACE! How easy is that? Read about creating a Thunderbird mail backup and restoring from it.

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Top Open Source Software For Windows

Not all apps need to run in Linux. Some people can't cut the cord like I have, and must still run Microsoft operating systems. Here is a short list of open source applications for Windows that those people can use and enjoy.

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Everyday Open Source Adobe Alternatives

The two Adobe apps I most run into are Acrobat Reader and Photoshop. I don't use either one. Instead, I use these…

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More Free Invoicing Software For Small Business

With LibreOffice Calc and some Java, you can pull customer and product data into a spreadsheet invoice.

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Filesharing From Linux To Windows With SSH

win sshfs icon

While I used to use SAMBA to get files from WIndows to Linux (or the other way around), I found a tool lately called sshfs that also does the job.

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I Have To Use Windows…

…and it's just about killed me.  I still don't understand how people get anything done on that OS.  After a month on my new job (I went from working at a lumber yard to working for the software company that the lumber yard uses) I've found some tools that help me cope…

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