Filesharing From Linux To Windows With SSH

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While I used to use SAMBA to get files from WIndows to Linux (or the other way around), I found a tool lately called sshfs that also does the job.

November 24, 2016

Something happened around Ubuntu 16.04 where the SAMBA server config changed. I sat down a few times to figure out what was going on, but could never nail it down. I'm not convinced it's an Ubuntu problem. Given that Windows can't seem to update while managing to keep a static IP when you tell it to lately, I wouldn't be surprised if the dubs up in Redmond broke their own SMB client — I just can't say for sure.

Linux to Linux sharing has never been a big deal. I've either used NFS or sshfs. But lately I found a Windows sshfs client (written by someone at Google, it seems, around 2012) that allows me to do all the stuff I used to in SAMBA.

I'm working out of my house at the moment, for a proprietary software company. Providing Linux machines to the folks who are going to be working on customers' Linux servers all the time is beyond our IT department I guess, so I'm stuck with Windows 7. Any bash scripting or funky MySQL stuff I want to try out has to be on my own PC. Now though, I can just have files sitting on it in /home/craig/wherever. Then I can have win-sshfs installed on my work computer, mount my own own PC's directory up as a mapped drive, and BAM! Then I can map a drive on a Linux box somewhere in our data center the same way, and get my stuff from one to another lickety-split.

There's a pufferfish (I think that's what it is anyway) icon down near the clock when the program is running. When you click it, you get this screen. Here I've got a share on my personal PC containing things for my job (WorkShare) and another directory on a computer somewhere down south that I can log into once I'm on the company VPN. These show up as drives in Explorer like any other mapped drive.

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The latest "easy" installers I found were over here: You’ll also need Dokan, and I got that over here:

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