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Different open source applications I’ve found to be helpful

Running Cloud Takeoff In Linux

It took some doing, but the process of running Cloud Takeoff in Ubuntu Linux and Linux Mint was very easy.  Maybe even easier than getting it going in Windows!  Here's how I did it.

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Four Small Business Software Needs — And Some Open Source Solutions

If you're running a small business, software needs to do what you need it to do.  That's it.  And it would be nice if it did it without costing an arm and a leg, while at the same time playing nice with other applications.

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Getting From Web Page to Print in Firefox

Getting a web page to print should be as simple as selecting Print from a menu, but in Firefox that just isn't so. Yes, you will get the web page to print, but it will come with all sorts of stuff in the header and footer that you might not want there. Here's how to get rid of them.

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The Three Best Open Source Small Business Software Applications

If I had to pick three open source small business software applications that every small business owner ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE, these would be them.

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Using Open Street Map on a Website

I recently built a website and the customer wanted their location shown on a map right on the site. This would have been easy with Google Maps, but then, I'm about OPEN SOURCE solutions, right? I went with Open Street Map instead.

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Open Source Calendar Software Tutorial – Radicale

I've been looking for ways that small group could operate that didn't necessarily want to fork over ridiculous amounts of money to run a Microsoft Exchange server. One aspect of Exchange is a calendar, and I believe Radicale is a viable replacement.

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Stream Audio With Ubuntu

A cancer patient can't get to church, so church is getting brought to her. Now that I've figured out how to stream audio with Ubuntu into her living from, she can enjoy the music and the message that the rest of us hear in the sanctuary.

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What Is The Best Software For Small Business Database Creation?

It's a toss up really, but LibreOffice and OpenOffice immediately come to mind when I'm asked by someone "What's the best software for small business database creation?" Those two at this point (February 2012) operate in the same way as far as I can tell, and I use them both as front end software for MySQL when I'm creating a new small business database.

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Home Brew Small Business Inventory Management Software

I laid my hands on an interesting piece of equipment lately, and was able to cook up my own little inventory management application to use with it.

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Free Invoicing Software For Small Business

There's no need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for an invoicing application. If you have a small business, LibreOffice is a fine example of free invoicing software available for you.

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