Small Business Invoice Spreadsheet

Sometimes full blown ERPs are just too much hassle for a small business. Spreadsheet invoices can be enough to keep track of things.

March 2, 2012

These aren't nearly so complicated as some set ups I've seen, but here are a couple of spreadsheet invoices for your billing pleasure.  You have your pick between an Excel or an OpenOffice / LibreOffice version of the invoice spreadsheet.  The one I made in LibreOffice is WAY spiffier (hint hint).

The equations seem to work fine in Excel from Office 2010.  They were fairly simple, but I never know what's going to happen when I get Microsoft products involved, what with their constantly changing proprietary file formats.  This is .xls by the way, not the new Office spreadsheet format…

That's pretty much it.  Up near the top is information pertaining to your company, with space below it (separated by a heavy black line) for your customer's information.  The rest of the invoice is simply quantities, item numbers (if applicable), unit prices and line totals.  The wide looking column in the middle is actually merged cells that you may want to split depending on your particular invoicing needs.

I didn't make the tax box do anything.  Some states require tax on everything, some on just labor, some on just items, blahblahblah.  You could devise your own formula to calculate specific taxes (add 5% to only certain cells in the last column, for instance) or just get rid of it altogether.

If you're going to use this, be sure and save a copy that you keep pristine.  And let me know if you end up using this. I'm always curious to know when someone has found this website useful.  Actually, let me know if you tried it and DIDN'T use it too, as I'm also curious about that sort of thing.

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