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Left-Handed Ergonomic Mouse Modifications

left-handed ergonomic mouse

I’m left-handed, and I grabbed a “vertical” ergonomic mouse on Amazon, almost two months ago now. I couldn’t use it initially, but now I’m loving it. Here’s what I didn’t like, and how I fixed it.

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Got the Kids Each an Acer Chrome Book C710 – 2586 for Christmas — Now to Make Them Work

I've got two little geeks living with me.  They each got Chromebooks for Christmas this year (2013) and want to start using them right away to do weird stuff.  

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Making a Canon Pixma MG2220 Print From Linux

This one was so easy once I found the answer, I had time to take a nap after I set it up.  I've still got no idea why the drivers were so hard to find ( I never did find the on the U.S. Canon site ) but they work fine once they're installed.

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Fixing A Backwards Tursion Android Tablet That Reversed Itself

My six year old son's Tursion Android tablet went wonky on us all of a sudden.  When holding it in portrtait mode, every thing was backwards, as in reversed. 

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Running an OkiData MB471 in Ubuntu Linux

okidata MB471

Despite being told by someone at Okidata that the MB471 multifunction would work great in Linux, it's not so awesome out of the box.  I did get it to work though…

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What Is The Best Laptop For Linux

The short answer is: I've had good luck with Acers from Staples, but read on if you want my whole story. I'm sure there are other laptops suited to the task, but an Acer is the best laptop for Linux based on the ones I've dealt with.

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Open Source Computer Server For Small Business

It might be getting time for you to install a small business computer server. But before you go throwing obscene amounts of cash at Microsoft Small Business Server, know that there are other options. Figure out what you NEED such a server to do, then set to making it happen. If you want an inexpensive and robust option, then an open source computer server for small business is ideal alternative.

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Small Business Technology: Even the Odds on a Budget

For many a small business, technology can be used to compete with bigger businesses in the same markets. Be one of those small business technology innovaters and leave your larger rivals in the dust.

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Light Linux Desktop: Lubuntu On A Tired Old Laptop

I have this old Dell Inspiron 1000. It ran Ubuntu once upon a time, then Xubuntu. Now it's going to Lubuntu, and to my mom. Here's the story…

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Small Business Server Solutions

Small business server solutions

Small business server solutions in the proprietary world can cost an arm and a leg. It doesn't need to be that way. Here are a few ideas that you can use, while still keeping all of your appendages.

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