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Losing Focus in XFCE

One of the annoying things about a default XFCE install is really easy to fix.  Changing window focus when scrolling is easy to shut off.

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Monitor and Keypad, Acer Aspire Laptops and Minor Ubuntu Trouble

Two Acer Aspires I've owned lately both ran like champs, and they did it with Ubuntu on them.  I can't say the same for the latest one I ran into, but the Aspire 5517 and Aspire 7750 have both been substantially awesome.  Initally though, I had a snag with the keyboards and display brightness.  Here's how I fixed them.

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Create PDF Files in Linux

There's a real easy way to create pdf files in Linux. Many distros by default allow users to "Print to File," and the resulting file can be a pdf. But I found that this doesn't always work; some apps need to see an installed printer, not the print to file option. Let me introduce to you the cups-pdf package, which will also create pdf files in Linux.

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