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For those people who are new to the whole Linux and or open source scene

Advantages of Open Source Software

Having recently finished a stint at a proprietary software company, I’ve been able to cement some of my opinions about the advantages of open source software.

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Support for Open Source Software: Where To Find It

Find Support for Open Source Software

I forget that I’ve been at this a while, and that finding support for open source software is something I do without even really thinking about it. For those of you who aren’t as used to the process, here’s my take on how to get support.

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What Is Linux

I get asked a lot when I talk about Linux.  What is it?  What's it for?  Why do you keep talking about it? 

Well, here's my take on what Linux is.

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What Does Open Source Mean For Small Business?

I posed the question to a bunch of bloggers lately "Anyone have any open source or other software questions they need answered," and the first reply was "Yeah, what exactly *is* open source software?"

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Three Reasons Small Business Owners Should Shop For Open Source Software

I can think of a lot more, but these three points are what come immediately to mind when I think about why using open source products is a smarter way for a small business to go than using proprietary software.

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Switched Another One To Linux

I've moved another family from Widows (8 this time) over to Linux Mint.  After a few days, so far so good.

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Help With Linux IT Support

Help with Linux IT Support

You're running Linux.  Something breaks.  Now what?  Where can you find Linux IT support?  Well, there are a few places to go and things you can do to speed the process along.

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A Sudo Example — I Can Not Believe I Missed This One

sudo make me a sandwich from

I came to Ubuntu from Fedora. By default, Red Hat based systems don't have sudo set up (or didn't) on new installs, so it was quite a change when I landed in UbuntuLand, where the people think su – is a terrible idea. While I disagreed for a long time, I can now think of a sudo example that has changed my mind.

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How To Evaluate Open Source Small Business Apps

I found an awesome page this week that illustrates some of the methods you ought to be using when figuring out how to implement open source small business applications.

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Benefits Of Open Source Software: Three Examples

That's it? Only THREE? There's way more than three advantages of open source software, but here's three big ones to get you thinking.

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