ERP Software For Small Business

ERP software for small business can be a minefield of buggy and/or expensive software. I was looking into OpenBravo and OpenERP for a bit, but the project has been tabled for now.

May 10, 2012

I didn't realize I'd left you folks hanging when i never followed up on   I never got a straight answer out of my employer as to whether or not I should start looking into other ERP apps, so I never pursued it.  I'm sorry, but I've done enough of the "put a bunch of my own time into a lost cause" thing and I'm all set on doing it again.  I don't mind doing it when it's handy, especially when it would be useful for this website's visitors, but at this stage it's not.

I did think that the OpenBravo scenario was very pricey.  The folks I talked to sounded like making the app work with our signature pads wasn't a sure thing, and that made me nervous.  We could, I guess, go back to the old credit card machine and people with accounts hand signing their slips, but I'm not sure that's a good idea either.

Perhaps I'll ask again next winter when we slow down.  I will also be looking at OpenErp.  The system requirements aren't so high.

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