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I've retired a website and moved it to this domain…

December 19, 2013

I always thought was a great domain name.  But when I'd chat with folks either in person or online, they couldn't seem to get past the doop part; doop ensource is how people read it back to me when I wrote it down for them.  So I've been thinking of a better name for a while, and came up with

I say folks a lot.  To me, it's a reference to people who are family or just plain neighborly, regardless of how related we are or how near we live to each other.  That's what we're hoping to be here.  Just a folks providing some help to people who are looking to bring open source software into their homes and businesses.

On top of that, is a lot easier to say and remember.

All of the content has been moved.  There are a couple of categories that were on DoOpenSource, but aren't in the menu here.  It's still al little uncertain how all of the categories will play out (Applications was getting a but large, and could possibly be split up) but the new site is up and running fine with a simpler theme.  Enjoy, and PLEASE contact us with any questions, concerns, or just to say "Hi."

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