Trying Out DuckDuckGo

I've been getting sick of Google's search results for a while, so I started looking both both a new personal search engine, and one for the site.

June 5, 2012

You can read more on, but the gist of things sounds like this: the Google results you see aren't based solely on the keywords you type. Google also takes your location into account, past searches, perhaps even other data cached in your browser history.

I don't like this.  Aside from the fact that it's weird (kind of like Google ads following you around from site to site) it's also very annoying.  If I'm hunting for other people who have a similar error message in a log file, I don't want to see results today based on what I clicked on yesterday.

DuckDuckGo doesn't subject users to this.  I like that, have been happily using the search engine at work for a while now.  At home, I've been using Blekko, but Blekko (last I knew) doesn't index my site well at all, and it makes me wonder how many other sites are getting left out. 

I'm also giving DuckDuckGo a whirl as the site's search engine, but that appears to be taking some doing.  I'd like to keep you folks right on this site, and so far I've only managed to bounce searchers over to a fairly nicely formatted DuckDuckGo page.  The Google search box is gone.  Bear with me as I get DuckDuckGo search up and running they way I want it to go.

Before anyone calls me a hypocrite, Google ads are likely next.  🙂


Update: 6/20/2012

I'm leaving DDG as the search engine for the site, but have not yet pulled Google ads.  It's been long enough that I can accept any hypocrite comments you can throw…

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