Lubuntu 17.10 Broke My Web Server

I'm all set now, but it was a bit of a ruckus…

October 30, 2017

I almost always stick with the LTS releases, but accidentally grabbed Lubuntu 17.04 instead of 16.04 a few months ago when I was hunting for a lightweight distro. And after waiting for the “everybody is grabbing it” upgrade rush to end, I went to Lubuntu 17.10.

In addition to being a desktop workstation, it’s also serving out some web pages. I’ve got a couple of WordPress sites and some mockups for website customers. Nothing major. But, I realized yesterday that no PHP scripts were working. I was seeing the plain text in the PHP files. Yes, this included wp_config.php and any of the other db connect scripts I had. Boo!

The PHP module wasn’t enabled in Apache. Simple fix –  a2enmod php7.1

Then an Apache restart. I was good to go.

On the unfortunate side, I lost power last night, and internet, so nobody can look at the server anyway. Apparently last night’s storm took out more Mainers’ power than the infamous “Ice Storm of ’98” did.


How’d Your Upgrade Go?

The Apache hiccup is all I’ve found so far. Did you have any trouble going from Lubuntu 17.04 to Lubuntu 17.10?


Update — we lost power from 10/29/17 (Sunday) to Friday 11/3. Even with a generator, I don’t recommend it. If you’ve got the option, live somewhere with underground lines. 

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