Support for Open Source Software: Where To Find It

Find Support for Open Source Software

I forget that I’ve been at this a while, and that finding support for open source software is something I do without even really thinking about it. For those of you who aren’t as used to the process, here’s my take on how to get support.

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Chrome OS vs Linux — Making The Switch

I’ve recently started using a Chromebook for the bulk of my computing time. It’s not quite as convenient as a Linux machine, but loads better than Windows. My honest opinion is that, with some caveats, it will work.

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Free Open Source Fonts In A Website

open source fonts

After recently installing open source fonts on fossfolks, I got to thinking that maybe others might like to know how to do it.

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Open Source Music Software: Recording An Album, Part 1

open source music software

I’m working on an album with a friend of mine, and I’m using open source music software to do it. I’ve gotten as far as a drum track I can live with in Hydrogen, but I’m doing well with Ardour too.

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Open Source Font From Big Blue – IBM Plex

Open source font IBM Plex

I heard about this new open source font in my Twitter feed, and decided to go "whole hog," using it here on the site.

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Switch To Linux At Your Small Business

switch to linux at your small business

Lots of small business problems can be solved by ditching Windows and making the switch to Linux. "But I'm happy with Windows," you say. Really? Read on…

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Everyday Open Source Adobe Alternatives

The two Adobe apps I most run into are Acrobat Reader and Photoshop. I don't use either one. Instead, I use these…

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More Free Invoicing Software For Small Business

With LibreOffice Calc and some Java, you can pull customer and product data into a spreadsheet invoice.

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Lubuntu 17.10 Broke My Web Server

I'm all set now, but it was a bit of a ruckus…

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Select All Posts And Categories From A WordPress Database In MySQL

When you just want a list of everything you've posted on a Wordpress site, use this MySQL query.

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