Using the WordPress Foliopress Plugin Once It Is Installed


For those unhappy with the "CKEditor/KCFinder" combo I've walked through, here's an alternative.

July 4, 2016

First, you've got to have something to stick some images in, so go ahead and add a new post:

foliopress posts page

1. Go to All Posts

2. Add New post

Then get into the post

foliopress choose image

3. Hit the Add Image button

4. Browse to the directory containing your image

5. Right click on the image, and "send bare image…"

Not quite done. You want a smaller Excerpt image (one that shows anytime someone is looking at the post excerpt)

We need to monkey a bit…

foliopress edit source

6. Hit the Source button. Your nice looking image will change to a bunch of html blahdyblah.

7. Get rid of the part that says width="xxx" height="xxx"  Since I don't like sticking absolute image sizes in, and let css do it based on a visitor's screen size, this deleting height and width will get me there. Also, you don't want them included in the paste on the next step…

8. So, copy that whole img tag, everything from <img (left carat) to the next > (right carat) and copy it. Paste it down in the excerpt, and append the filename with a whatever you've named your small images. Some folks like a numerical size (like 150_ ) some just put a general size (like sm_ or med_) . So if you were copying

<img src="/images/wordpress/foliopress-edit-source.png" alt="foliopress edit source" />

you'd want to replace it with something like 

<img src="/images/wordpress/150_image_name.png" alt="foliopress edit source" />


<img src="/images/wordpress/sm_image_name.png" alt="foliopress edit source" />

That's it. Post and excerpt. Any trouble you run into is PROBABLY going to be however your theme deals with images in posts.

And there may be a smidgen of trouble with some plugins… On the site I've used for the screenshots, we're also using a plugin called Slideshow (the one by StephanBoonstra) that is looking for images based on the date format that drives me so crazy in a stock WordPress. I'm putting up with it for now, but you may run across one that will completely bust your bubble.

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